Most Viewed pictures for May 2012

Every single one of these pictures is at least from 2012.....the ones of the AH-64's and the A-10/F-16 are even from May!


Most Viewed Pictures for April 2012

The highlight of April was obviously the trip back to the Washington DC area for the delivery of the Space Shuttle Discovery to the Smithsonian.


Most Viewed pictures for March 2012

March - is one of the 'nice' and 'busy' months in Arizona. More than 1/2 of the pictures here - are from 2012.


Most Viewed Pictures for October 2011

The large Boeing 747 (Evergreen Aviation cargo charter) in the center was actually from October.


Most Viewed Pictures for September 2011

The two helicopter pictures (Cobra center, and Jet Ranger top left) are actually from September. What a novel concept.