The Pool of Death

The Backyard Pool ... of Death!

When you think of relief from high-heat, most people think of a swimming pool (right after the air conditioner - of course). Out here in Arizona, that was one of our requirements when we bought our house. It had to have a pool.

In some cases - a pool is like a boat. "A hole in the water where you pour money." And pour money you do. Chemicals (not just Chlorine), equipment repair (that one little plastic thingy is how much?!?!?), electricity and water. Every day - more water to replace that which has evaporated off in the previous day - more so when I deliberately turn on the water spray (to reduce the temperature of the water - I want to swim in something cooler than bath water).

After almost 2 years out here though - everything changed this summer. When my pool became the 'Pool of Death.' Within the space of 3 weeks - the pool had killed 4.

First an infant - who managed to get inside the pool fence (the State of Arizona mandates that pools have a safety fence/barrier around them) fell into the pool and drowned. I didn't find the body until at least a day later.

[For a desert - they take water safety out here seriously. California, Arizona and Florida lead the nation in drowning death's each year. When we first moved out here and actually cared enough about the local area to watch the local news everynight, it seemed that there was a drowning or near drowing every day that summer. If you have a pool and don't have the $$$ to put in a fence - there are programs set-up by several organizations that will give you a fence.]

Then about a week and a half later - it was an adolescent. Same thing - got into the pool and was unable to get out and eventually drowned.

A couple of days later - it was a pair of young ones. Have no idea how they got in, but neither came out alive.

Now - you would think that if 4 people had died in MY swimming pool - over the course of three weeks - it would have been national news and I would be investigated for why I allowed all of this to happen. But there has been no uproar, because while all of the deaths did happen - none of them were human. It was two birds (the first two) and two rabbit's (the second pair - together - never did figure this one out. Don't know if the first was trying to qualify for the Lifesaving merit badge or not - but he didn't pass :( )

But seriously - when I am in the pool w/ my 2 year old daughter - she is always within an arm's reach of an adult. ALWAYS. She is not allowed inside the pool fench without an adult - even though she has been taking swimming lessions for more than half her life now.

Stay cool this summer - and safe.

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