Urban Camoflage - Cell towers

Most people take the NIMBY ('Not in my backyard') approach - especially when it comes to the area around their homes.
  • They want to have reliable electrical power, but not have a power plant in their backyard, or high voltage transmission lines.
  • They want a quality TV signal, but don't want to live next to the transmission tower. Or they want a clear satellite signal, but don't want to see the dish.
  • They want go get anywhere quickly, but not live right next to the highway (or an airport).
  • They want to be able to get their calls all of the time - but don't want a Cell tower right next door.
Out here in the Phoenix area - towers in general, and cell phones specifically can be a sore subject. The Phoenix metro area - is largely flat terrain - which means cell towers pop-up on the horizon - and have nothing to blend in to.

The slide show below - is the start of a photo collection of different ways that Cell Towers are or are not disguised around Phoenix.

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