Editor wanted for BBC web site

BBC published a story this morning that the proposed (UK) National ID card had been unveiled, and provided a shot of the sample - w/ each field labelled.

Obviously - no one actually looked at the picture and matched the field description with the actual numbered call outs.

Compare my reading of the call outs and the card (below) to what the BBC published;
  1. Symbol meaning a chip is embedded in the card
  2. National Identity Registration Number
  3. Citizenship. (was #4)
  4. Place of birth (was #6)
  5. Signature - digitally embedded
  6. Date of Card issue and date it becomes invalid (was #3)
  7. Photo taken to biometric standards
  8. Biometric chip holds fingerprint record
  9. Swipe zone. Information which can be automatically read by computer
HA! - since I first read the story - the BBC went back and updated the graphic to have the correct labels. Wonder how many complaints/comments they got over it.

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